RateTel’s Mission

To provide our customers the most reliable phone service at the best prices while supporting their needs with integrity and sincerity.

A letter from our team…

Dear Customer,


In your business there is no other service more critical than your communications. We understand that the phone is the lifeblood of almost every business. When it comes to trusting such a critical component to another company, you need them to be reliable above all else. To us, reliability is the lifeblood of our relationships with our customers. This is why we put so much effort into building a first class network to deliver services. Self healing, with no single point of failure guarantees that your calls always get delivered.


Second only to reliability, we believe that integrity dictates the strength of our relationships with our customers. So long as you feel like you’ve been treated fairly, there’s no reason to consider other providers. That’s why our integrity shines in our service and pricing. While other providers look to make the most money with the least effort, we’re honing our skills to provide you the best prices while always being there to support you.

Finally there’s sincerity. All too often, large companies treat their customers under the auspice of “take it or leave it, we can live without you”. Getting support is like pulling teeth. Sometimes you wait for long periods of time just to talk to someone. When you finally do, their level of disinterest in helping you compels you to think why chose them in the first place. To us here at RateTel, these are some of the most insincere things you can do to a customer. Sincerity tells a customer that you’re grateful to have their business. That you’re willing to give them what they’re paying for rather than squeezing every penny you can from them. It’s just a completely different way of doing business, something that was lost since the advent of the public corporation.

Rest assured, as a RateTel customer, you’ll get the reliability you need, the integrity you expect, and the sincerity you deserve.



The RateTel Team