US local Thousands of rate centers to choose from

Local numbers start for as little as $0.99 per number.

Need a local number for your new business? How about a number halfway across the country for a new market you’re expanding into? Multiple numbers to track marketing campaigns? Is your business located in a rural area where other companies can’t provide a phone number?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, RateTel can meet your needs. With thousands of rate centers to choose from, no matter where in the US you need a number, RateTel can provide it for you. If you need one or thousands of numbers, RateTel can provide them. RateTel has access to every rate center in the country.

If you are considering porting your numbers to RateTel, rest assured that whatever rate center it resides in RateTel can service it. Expect your port to be handled professionally and executed on your terms.

Each US local number includes:

  • Caller ID name submission to the national database
  • 1 basic directory listing
  • Optional E911 service
  • The ability to have your number ring to any of your locations
  • The ability to make changes to the destination per number in real time
  • The ability to forward calls on a per number basis
  • Caller ID number for inbound calls
  • 24x7x365 access to call detail records by number
  • 24x7x365 access to RateTel’s Easy Management Portal
  • The ability to keep your existing phone number

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